OMG-kirken is still in the making and we invite you to participate in the journey.
The way to connect with us and check out who we are is to get to know us. Relationships are the foundational element in our church, so we meet in each other’s houses.
The heartbeat of the community is the OMG-nights, we meet three Sundays a month, two times with our kids and we eat dinner together before a family-friendly sunday-school-ish devotion. Children are important to us, and we are experimenting with how to make a church environment where they feel welcome and can grow.

One night a month we meet together as adults later in the evening to connect and focus on Jesus and where he leads us today. Check out our calender to find out the next meetup!

As a church we also host a language cafe, at the local Kafe Steinbra at Grorud every other Tuesday. Here we focus on creating a relaxed and open atmosphere that makes it easy to learn Norwegian in conversation with each other. Feel free to drop in or bring a friend if you want to practice your Norwegian conversational skills.

Every so often we host nights where we focus on different important topics in our community and our church. We’ve hosted a parent-night, a science and religion night and more is to come.


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Oslo misjonskirke Groruddalen

95 12 52 86

45 03 03 78

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